Geox B NEW BALU` BOY 22 Navy

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Warm and breathable shoe with a protective outsole on the toe and heel.
The outsole extends onto the toe and heel, to protect little feet against knocks and bumps, and is made from TR, which ensures lightness, durability and a firm grip.

The outsole is also breathable, thanks to the exclusive Geox-patented technology, which facilitates natural thermo-regulation and well-being of the feet.

The Flexy System and Softly Cushioned System on the tread guarantee flexibility and cushioning and both the practical and hygienic removable footbed and the lining are in wool, to ensure greater comfort at low temperatures.

Last but not least, the double riptape fastening makes it easy to slip on and completely adjust to fit.

Код модели: 242-B940PB
Код продукта: 236209
Цвет: Navy
100% Termoplastic Rubber

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