Lucy & Leo Guess who Falling tower Wooden Game

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"Guess who" Jenga Wooden Game is a take on a classic Jenga game. Smooth wooden blocks are stacked in a tower - but these blocks are a little different. Each block has a different animal on it, and players take turns to pick an animal and remove a corresponding block from the stack. The animals can be picked using an included dice or special cards - kids will need to guess the animal to select a needed block. The game presents a variety of rules to make the game fun for several players and the block pieces can be used as a construction set - or even as a base for a different game, if you can come up with your own rules. It encourages imagination, fine hand dexterity and helps to learn new animals while having hours of fun!

Model code: 252-LL236
Product code: 243958
Color: Multicolor

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